Monday, June 25, 2012

Speed/Redline Repeats

Since my long run was done on friday, I just ran an easy six on sunday to switch the workouts. It was a beautiful day though I was a bit sore from a bit too much saturday fun.

Today i decided to do my speed workout. The mileage for the week seems to be six and so I wanted to see if i could sustain a faster mile speed. I have begun to realize that I have been doing far too much extended leg heel running. I have been concentrating on shortening my strides a bit and really giving front foot and calves a workout. The speed increase is really incredible while the effort does not seem to be too much greater. The workout of choice today was a 2 speed slow jog/walk mile......rinse and repeat.

The course of choice today began from the lyon oaks golf course and followed the bike path down the road. The course is mildly hilly especially in the beginning. I pushed out feeling lethargic and slow. My pace was only about 7:15 for the first 1/4 mile to get warmed up. Luckily there are quite a few downhills more than uphills on the first mile. I finished mile 1 with a 6:44 pace which i was pleased about. I ended up seeing a few walkers and of course had to catch them. I was also feeling really good. I pushed out mile two in a 6:21 pace. I slowed down to a speed walk as I gasped for a bit. After a very slow jog to mile three I stopped to tie my shoes and took off for the second speed run. This time I ran more uphill. To my advantage though, I knew the course better on the way back so it actually did help a bit. My first mile there was 6:11 which I was pretty proud of, but that was a bit too fast. I started fighting with my mind whether to do mile two. The last 1/2 mile of that second mile is uphill and at times fairly steep. I did end up finishing it in 6:33. After the deathly slow job back to the car I felt pretty good. The two speed workouts were an improvement and I felt pretty darn good after each set.

On a side note I really have to make sure I am eating properly for this level of activity.....hmmmmm

Leslie's Long Run 6/22

Today I made another trip to Grosse Pointe. I decided to get some mileage in today as a casual long run. My philosophy on increasing mileage is that you have to train your legs first to be active for a certain period of time before they will be alright with running hard for a long distance.

 We met at the wonderful GP woods park for an 8 miler. The run was basically down mack for a bit until we decided to run down lakeshore. We kept a pretty steady pace right around 8:50-9 min miles. The run ended up being a little over nine miles which really was a nice little running bonus. The company was wonderful and we talked about everything and anything. Cathartic mind cleansing runs are always great for the soul especially on days when the weather is so nice. The only issue was a stretch with 0 shade and sun that seemed to have intentions to cook me. All in all this was a great training run and my third in GP for the week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Air was Soupy

A wonderful morning run today on this soupy wednesday. I say that it is a soupy wednesday because the air is so thick that it seemed to condense into a liquid, which really did not sit well in the lungs.

I must start out today's piece by thanking Laurie! I decided to do a little Grosse Pointe running and when I asked for running partners Laurie was the only gutsy volunteer. The company was much appreciated indeed. We began the run from Shore's station and headed down the scenic lakeshore drive. The 6am run was really a beatiful site. When we began the weather seemed to be cooperating. The temperature, though hot, seemed bearable. The sidewalks were pretty populated considering the time of day. As we began on our trek of an unnamed distance the weather decided to play a nasty trick on suddenly became much hotter, steamier, and more humid. Ok, so maybe the issue wasn't the weather, but instead just me actually running now instead of standing in the shade. You really do never know though.....that weather is a tricky master. Anyways we ran a 3 there and 3 back route. We kept a pretty happy pace of 830, but it felt much faster due to the conditions. Neither of us enjoyed or felt grand while running, but we pushed through.

On our way we met some fun characters. I will rank my top three characters that crossed our path (besides today's amazing running partner). 

#3. This character was a bit of a blast from the past. Over a year ago I joined the GP running ladies. After about one week I was just begining to meet all of the different members that were part of this group. During this first week there was another woman who joined the group (this is still when it was smaller and not the behemoth it is today). She was a nice younger mother with a good speed streak. I hadn't seen her in forever, but today she passed by twice. The first pass by was one of those ...."was that...." On the second pass by she ran with us a bit. We caught up and discussed how early 5:00AM really is. Yes it is very early. She took off down her own street never to be heard from again (over dramatic much?)

#2 The gatekeeper. On our run today we needed a sip of water to take away the burn from the heat. After mile two there was a gated park. Laurie came up with a brilliant lie to tell the gate keeper when we met. As we approached she let me in on the trick. We walked in as the gate keeper sat humbly on his tiny chair reading some sort of paper. We dodged out of the way without him saying anything and just waltzed right in. Slightly disappointed that she didn't get to use her trick, laurie yelled back, "sorry we just need to grab a quick drink of water. We live on ______ but we forgot our ids" The man in one of the best voices responded with an...of course you did....of course you did. Yes he even repeated himself. He believed us that little. I am disappointed the plan didn't work a little better, but we still got our water break so take that Mr. snarky gatekeeper!

#1 My favorite meeting to be honest was a duo. We didnt say too much. We barely saw each other. The best duo that we passed was a group of old men. They were all out in headbands and tiny many shorts. I was proud. I day i will be that guy. They were enjoying themselves, smiled, and even said hello! I fully expected to see a tattoo that said running buddies for life. Maybe i'll have to get one of those.

honorable mention: jiggly bright shorts jogger guy with his dog that never says hello to laurie but said hello to me when I was with her....." How you doin' ;D"

Monday, June 18, 2012


Today was a great one.....because I saw some progress. I ran with sarah today at 6am. I am just not a fan of waking up so early.....but it happens and was well worth it. 5:30 out of bed and 6 am run for 6 miles. I was taken on a tour of many GP parks. I was unable to keep up solid conversation at the pace, but i did try to talk and throw in a little bit here and there.

The run was also funny because of how it started. I planned to make sure we didnt go out to fast so that I could last the whole way. As we started out i felt great until i realized i felt too great. I checked my watch and noticed a 730 pace. I felt really bad. I picked it up and we ended up finished mile one in a 7:03 pace. That was a great starting line goal. miles two and three were 6:56 and 6:58 respectively. I felt strong so i began to push it a bit. 6:51 was mile four and also where I started to feel it. I had that tired shit im not going to finish this run feeling. Scary feeling indeed, but its good to mentally get over that. 6:56 was mile 5 and the last mile was one of those grind it out i feel slow but really its my fastest miles. Without using a dead sprint the final mile (after passing two older women three times to the point where im sure they believed we were stalking them) was 6:45. Not too shabby of a comeback run after my 4.5 mile stop debacle run last week.

Go team Go

on a side quite tired....maybe i can fall asleep early and go to GP to run with the lovely GPERS??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

yogging before work?

Today was a recovery day! I did a four mile yog just to recover from a little dead leg syndrome. To be honest my legs aren't feeling too bad, but i woke up a little stiff this morning.....haha real funny, get your minds out of the gutter.

I ran the outside kensington route since it had been a while. As i took off for my first mile I had trouble moving the legs. I was confused how I had been running under seven so much lately when I felt like 8 minute miles were causing me to breathe sort of hard. I began to fiddle with my stride a bit. I realized that since I knew I was running slower today I was plodding much more. My steps were heavy and I landed more flat footed slapping the pavement. I began to consciously use the front of my feet a bit more. My legs were struggling a bit with it but in time the calves will become strong again. When I changed my stride I noticed my  pace picked up drastically. I still took it easier, but it was a great sweaty run! Hills and I are starting to become friends again which is a pretty exciting adventure. The four miles were 7:45, 7:15, 6:59, 6:52. I am recovered and ready for a beautiful friday run!

6/13 The you can do it run

The great thing about running with a group or partner that is faster than you are is that it shows you  (and your body) that you can push yourself even more. I love that about running. I am a masochist....bring on the pain. One of the reasons I was such a good runner back in the day was that I was more willing to take pain than the other guy (or so i tell myself in my attempt to be a much crappier version of my hero prefontaine).

Anyways wednesday's run was an attempt to prove that I can take the lessons learned from tuesday and apply them to a run on my own. My garmin and I geared up for a seven miler (turned six miler). I took the  most rolly hilly route from my apartment. I have this fantastic bike path to run on which makes life wonderful due to a lack of lights and wide lanes. The goal was to just stay under seven minute miles. The temp was perfect although I keep running too late in the day. Sadly I did not pass the amount of people I would in a grosse pointe area, but I passed quite a few walkers which was nice as I waved hello! I finished my first three going up a dirt hill. I pushed the first three out at 6:58, 6:54, 6:59. Must to my surprise I was hurting, but I really didn't want to stop. I also knew that most of the run back was downhill. A beautiful thought! The last three were 6:49, 6:55, and a grueling last mile of 7:09. I was happy with that.

To be honest I just love running. I really do. I am a competitor and I do love racing, but i just love the feeling after a good run as sweat pours off of your body and you feel like you did something. Or the ice cold shower afterwards as you sing justin beiber while finding it difficult to stand. I can definitely sleep so much better after a day of running. Hooray life!

She came from the West 6/12

I have a new training partner to add to others that I already run with! Sarah ran for GVSU and was pretty darn good. Last year dominating the marathon enough to qualify for boston (even if she was a man she would have qualified). Good stuff. It is just what i have been asking for....someone to come in and kick my booty.

I was a bit nervous when we met at 8 for our grosse pointe run. As I told her....your small frame is not intimidating, but your speed is! Anyways we planned on a 7/8 mile run at around 650 pace. Needless to say that did not happen. I chickened out and made sarah stop at about 4.5 miles. On a positive note we ran those miles very speedily. 6:42, 6:48, 6:53, 6:44, (half mile at 6:42 pace). I was should have pushed one more out, but why overdo it on day one. That was a tough run, but i loved every second of it. Especially talking during the run. Well....more like josh gasping for air and saying one word answers. PS....yes sarah my garmin is accurate and not lying to you about our pace!!

Life is good....very very good.

And so it begins 6/8-6/11

A quick catch up post here....

I have been running however I moved into a new home! It is very exciting, but the move and a very special wedding took up a bit too much time and I took a week and a half off.....and boy did I feel it. They say that for every week taken off you lose 3-4 weeks of "in-shapeness". I definitely believe that because I am a bit behind the ball again. Worry not.....official training begins 6/20 and all signs are pointing to ready set go.

On a side note wixom is far hillier than warren could ever dream to be. I have so many trails and difficult runs around me. I am excited for the training I have always wanted! Friday and Saturday I went for some easy jogs around the neighborhood. I didn't time myself because I did not want to be discouraged however I realized that the route I took was much more difficult on the way back than on the way there....ouch!

I also wanted to point out a scary running condition. Beware long tree alleyways on hot summer days when the sun is directly above. The trees blocked all breeze and the trees incubated my poor body like a cooked chicken. I was feeling great at about mile 2.5, but by 3.5 I was cooked. A little walking happened on that run. I ran a gentle 5 miles monday in order to get ready for a nervous run with ....a new running partner?? get excited and read my next entry!