Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Its official: I miss running

Over the last few years I have become what one would call an extremely casual runner. I no longer can get out there and run 5 miles willy nilly. Busting out a sub 7 mile is no longer laughable, but something i need to work at and up until now I have been ok with that.

However, I miss running.

Whenever I discuss running people tend to right off the bat ask WHY!?! Why do you run and why do you enjoy running? My normal answer used to be because I am good at it. I think that is why most people do many things in life. Why not do something you can be successful at?

Taking a deeper look I have a different answer. Running has always been something that is 100% honest and truthful.

I am a scientist. I like facts. The grey area and I do not get along oh so well even if i do admit there is so much of it. When it comes to running I am gifted with competition against myself and other, something that is for the most part healthy for me, an activity to be alone or be with others, and something that gives you visible results when you put hard work into it.

Though all of these aspects are wonderful there is one bonus that I think is a bit over looked. Running is not objective. You are either faster or not. You either finish the race or you do not. You either run a faster time or you do not. There is no maybe in the world of running. This is both a glorious and heart wrenching aspect to the sport.

Too many times in life is this not the case. Most sports teams hold tryouts. You may have the best jump shot on your high school team, but if the coach doesn't know you then you may be riding the bench the whole season. You may tryout for a play and nail an audition, but the director may not pick you because "you haven't paid your dues." Even in the working world you may be the best employee out there, but the amount of work experience, race, or gender could hold you back from getting that big promotion. Too many things in life are predicated on the opinions of other people. Running sets you free from that. Fuck everyone else. It is just you and the road.

So yeah i miss that and I think (though the snow will soon be falling) it is time to get back to my roots and regain that feeling. A feeling of accomplishment when hard work is put in and I am able to visibly accomplish a goal without anyone else holding me back. In the end, if i cannot complete a goal in running it is on me. I have no one to blame, but myself.  And knowing that I control my own destiny even in a small insignificant way such as running is a beautiful thing.