Tuesday, July 10, 2012

today crappy run

I started the day with an intention of running 10 miles. Looking back that was a poor choice. My schedule gives me a day off between hard runs, but i said no big deal i can do it! I, ladies and gents....could not.

I started off with a pace goal of around 7:20/7:35 aka 30/45 seconds slower than my marathon goal. The first mile was a breeze, though my legs felt ....eh to say the least.  after my 7:15 I fell down to a 7:20 pace for the second mile. I started to really feel it since mile two is mostly uphill. by two and a half i noticed my pace was dying...8:04 pace. I just couldn't get one leg ahead of the other. At 3.5 i turned around and i took a 15 second walk. The 84 degree heat which didn't feel too bad at the start really began to get to me. My legs felt like lead and unlike yesterday I couldn't will them to move. I was also a bit disheartened because i feel like i have been quitting on my runs. Back in the day I took pride in finishing everything! I think i just need the confidence to really go after it again.

Another solution i have been thinking about is DOING WHAT IM SUPOSED TO BE DOING YOU PUNK! Along with a bit of a better diet. Ready set break! :)

7/9 Fun speed!

I did my speed workout today!on these days i have to run three miles of speed using repeats...i decided to do them in mile repeats with 1/4 jogs in between. I did a little less and just jogged around for 2:45 seconds. 

My mile goals were between 6:15-6:10 (10k pace). I found this out using the hand dandy mcmillan running calculator! http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/calculator/ Definitely check it out. My miles ended up being 6:15, 6:02 and 6:08. The last mile was mostly uphill so it skewed a bit. I may have gone a bit too fast today, but it was one of those i feel great sort of days. Hooray for not being too hot either.