Monday, April 30, 2012

Steve's Plan

    What a run! Flat surface, only a slight wind, and a great settup run! The weather was cloudy and sprinkled on and off, but i decided to take my geezer of a golden out for a bit of a run which then convinced me to go for a run. After spending a weekend in chicago, not sleeping and having possibly a bit too much fun I had taken a few days off to recover from my first week of running. Steve from the grosse pointe group decided that they would run a quick run today....1 warmup 3 burning miles and 1 cooldown. I decided to do the same. At about one mile in i felt great. At about 1.5 miles into the speed I was oh so ready to call it a day, but figured just make it to the second fast mile. When i did I continued to pick up my pace. At 2.25 of speed i was ready to stop and I passed through a school. Two youngins were just let out for recess a cute lil boy and girl they both screamed hi and were waving merrily! it was such a happy sight and carried my the next half mile until i could gut out the last quarter. Little kids and fans really do help. It was a great run alone, but just reminds you how nice company can be sometimes, and fans s ;).

     The run began with what i thought was a nice easy warmup mile. 8 minute pace of just easy coasting.What i turned the corner to start the first quick mile i ramped it up. This time, unlike my previous speedy miles workout, I controlled myself much better. Though i had the juice to go faster i kept it between 7 and 650. I finished up mile 1 at 652....(what i would love my marathon pace to be in 6 months...) I felt pretty ok to be honest so i picked up the pace. I kept it at about 640 for the next half. I decided to make a bunch of turns in this route which began to throw off my stride a bit which i think is a decent way to train. I finished mile two with 643 and began to struggle coming off my form a bit. It was the last speed mile and i actually sped up mile two so i said to myself....might as well really truck the last speed mile! I did. I started 630 then brought it down to 620. I started teetering back to 630 and then told myself i could not finish this mile slower than 630 so I did not. I sprinted ish the last 1/4 and really really died during it. I felt myself flailing a bit, but it was nice to push the lungs. Plus the weather was just perfect. I popped the last mile at 6:25 which was a great way to finish it up. I popped out one last mile at 8:15 which still felt like death and completed the workout.

    This week will have more running and not as many days off, but last week was definitely a great way to start it off! Tomorrow will be an Easy Easy day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grosse Pointe Ganstresses

     Such a lovely morning run today! I must say as hard as it is to wake up at 4:30 AM to go run....along with the fact it is still freezing when I jump out of my car to is so well worth it! I was able to see quite a few of the lovely Grosse Pointe running ladies (and wade). We started off as a large chatty mob which I really took in for the first time in a while and really enjoyed it. We eventually all broke off and I went wwith Kathleen and Leslie to do 6 flat miles. The sun rose as we ran, which surprised me seeing as how it was a 5:15-6:15ish run. It is just a beautiful place to run and some wonderful company. As we made our way through Grosse Pointe's mean streets we randomly ran into the other groups that we broke off from. Karry joined us for the last two miles and it was nice to catch up a bit with her as well! It was pretty awesome to see our gang taking over Grosse Pointe. One thing to consider.......quote of the day......"its all relative".....think about that one.

     This was a perfect run. The group aspect was a much needed change of pace. It is always nice to be surrounded by like minded runners every so often to remind you of the fun and smiles that running can bring. I ran 6 miles at about an average of 8:45, as slow as 9:02 and fast as 8:31. Our pace was very consistent and felt the group keep the pace in check. It never felt like struggle and talking didn't seem to take my breathe away which was a nice sign. I still felt a bit weak in my legs and will thus rest a bit tomorrow. Overall I am feeling very good and rediscovered my love for running. It is funny how good people, a nice pace, and grinch pj pants can do that for you.

PS Laurie stole my gloves so I had to run with cold hands ;D 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy Breezy Beautiful.....


     Well today was another successful adventure. I was not supposed to run today, but decided that a two mile pace day would be a wonderful little reward for yesterdays run. I really need to stop running at lunch because these hills are just doing a number on my lil ol' legs. The trail today was ghost town esque. Although it sounds creepy it was nice! I did not bring an ipod along with me and instead looked around at the scenery watching the little birds and ducks fly/swim around. I even saw a deer. The issue with that is you really need to watch where you are going when running so you dont pull a josh and run into a pole. Ow...

     The goal of today was just an easy two miles to get the legs moving after yesterday. I can feel a slight leg exhaustion in the quads but no real pain and what a gorgeous day to run! I just did an easy 2 miles at 7:34 pace. I did not use my watch to pace today and only blindly lapped each marked off 1/4 mile. I was very consistant and finished mile 1 in 7:35 and mile 2 with a 7:33 pace. I was pretty ecstatic to have my internal clock working so well this early on! I finished up with a few build up strides just to lengthen out my legs a bit after those hills. I am looking forward to maybe some barefoot strides if i go to South's track tomorrow.....

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Biker's Plumber Crack

What a proper way to start off my blog......I would just like to point out I currently plan to describe my running events in the first paragraph of each blog and go a bit more runner detail oriented in the second paragraph.

     Well after feeling sickish this morning I decided to have a work lunch time run. I ran up at kensington metro park, just a little four miler. When i began my run i was a bit nervous not because of my actual run....but because the battery was low on my garmin running watch. I began the run and as soon as i took off a larger motorcycle looking man cut me off in his tiny bicycle. As he rode in front of me i was taken back by such a big man on such a tiny bike. Then it hit me......his oh so delicious plumbers crack just staring me in the face. It was only in front of me for a 1/4 mile where a large uphill made him walk his bike up the hill and I passed him. It was a nice day for running and probably shouldn't have worn a long sleeve shirt. PS...I have never seen so many women jogging around with their dogs. I approve....i approve.

     This was one of those runs where you realize in the first 4 minutes....I just went out way too fast. I took off and after the first .05 miles i noticed i was at a 7:15 pace so of course i took off. When i looked again at mile.5 I had run my first half mile at 5:55 pace. WHOOPS. I planned on running this between 6:52-6:56 pace for four miles. This is the pace I figure i need to run the marathon at so i just wanted to start off training by getting an idea of a total race pace (and to prove to myself i could do it). Anyways I finished mile 1 with a 6:42 pace. I was happy, but dragging. At the end of a bit of a grueling mile two (strong wind) I slowed down a bit but still happy with a 6:55 second mile. THEN my watch died. Rookie mistake. I had an overall second half time thanks to my ipod, but without the pace meter pushing me i fell off my pace and basically died. It did not help i was slightly on the dehydrated side and much more uphill (many more hills than the grosse pointe run i did the other day). Anyways about 7:45 3rd and 7:15ish 4th.

Overall I am a happy camper! though my lungs feel like they are filled with water and a slight twinge in my left shin.

(any suggestions for this blog please let me know!)

This is Josh.....See Josh run.....

Well good afternoon to everyone!

I have decided to give this whole Boston Marathon Qualification via the Detroit Marathon one more go.....

My plan is as such. I will be following the advanced marathon training schedule as given by my beloved Hanson Brothers. (LINK TO COME ). Although I have not yet completed a marathon I have been a distance runner and logged enough miles through my life I feel i can handle this type of running workload. The 18 weeks to go marker does not start until late June which gives me about two months to get to the point where I will be doing actual marathon training.

I plan to use this blog to share my daily runs, trials and tribulations, experiences, and most of all give a bit of an inside look into my adventures in running. I hope that everyone gets a little bit out of this experience and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as i hope to enjoy writing it!