Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who would have thought?

Well.....I guess some people actually did used to read this blog. Go figure.

On that note I guess I will spiffy it up a bit and actually keep up with it! I am entering this crazy looking contest thingamabob where you have to run a lot in November  Sounds like a great idea since that is basically lets get fat month and lately I have been on the lets eat train. I set a goal of 40 miles per week.....probably a bit lofty, but not really.

The next race I am training for seems to be the turkey trot 10k though I may throw in something shorter/faster in between now and then.

On a side note what beautiful days for runs yesterday and today. I didnt run the best but a solid six miler seemed decent. I am trying to take "runnersworld" advice and run a bit slower for my training runs. I am really worried that I will/am losing my speed but at least I am gettiing in my miles. I know when I am running slow enough because I will sing a full song without being dead at whatever pace I am running. Go Team Go!

Stay Sexy everyone :)

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