Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pardon me, have you seen my puppy?

Well Another wonderful day of running! Today must have been dog walker Thursday because honestly I saw 11 different dogs on my run today. Ten were with owners....the other I shall get to in a moment.

First of all...why does it seem that only ladies walk their dogs? I know this is a false statement since a guy I work with walks with/loves his dogs, but I swear I only see ladies with their dogs when I go out yogging. I think my favorite was the black lab looking dog that just stopped walking and rolled on her back until she was pet by her owner. So so so darn cute! There was also a good variety of diggity dogs as well. I realized that the more dogs that were around the faster I ran....thus today's motivation was here is a dog video for y'all.....ENJOY!

The sad moment of this dog story filled day was that I swear I saw a stray puppy. Unless it was my Indian spirit guide. Around mile 2.25 I was turning a corner and saw what I thought to be a puppy. About a foot and a half little tiny guy with a short tail that was black and white. When i saw it the dog scampered into the brush not to be seen again. I hope it was not a puppy, but it really looked like one. I asked all of the travelers if they were missing a dog and no one seemed to claim him/her. So fingers crossed the doggy or my imagination is ok!

Now for the running part of the blog.....

It was an easy five mile run outside of Kensington today. It is oddly hilly because I feel like the first half is mostly downhill....yet on the same route backwards it too seems mostly downhill. Odd. Anyways there was a crazy symmetry with my run today even if my miles were not even. First and fifth miles were 7:45. Second and forth were 7:56ish and the third mile was an 8:20. Good times had by all during this run. On my slower mile my knee and hip both felt really sore/crappy. When my pace picked back up they felt good. I am not exactly sure what this means, but am worried I really change my stride when I slow down. Interesting indeed.  Life is good and hope that you are all having a wonderful day! I actually had fifty views yesterday....not bad!

Just keep swimming!! or running ;)

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