Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speed Repeats Late-ish

Today I put off running due to feeling semi sick, but I also knew I had to run so I did while on my work "lunch/dinner"

I have been running slower miles like it was suggested to me, however I was worried that I would become too slow from it. I ran repeat miles on hilly terrain with 2:20 in between to jog/walk/rest. The first mile I did not want to look at my pace so I just sort of gunned it. I tried not going all out, but keeping a fast speed. I ran it in 5:46 which I was pleasantly surprised about. I felt fluid and did not kick at the end. I was pretty wiped out from it and pleased so my other two I made sure to take at a slower pace. 6:45 and 6:50 were the other two. I am not going to really call those speed miles, but fast enough for the day :)

My legs felt wonderful although my knee felt a bit poppy before I took off. The sun was setting since it was about 6:45 when I started. There were not too many people on the trail so a little less motivation as well. The one concern I have are my lungs. For some reason they have been feeling like I am some sort of smoker. Probably due to being out of shape, though I worry it is an effect from work or my apartment. I shall keep an eye on the situation.

As a bonus I wanted to add to every running post the song that was my motivation on each run. I will embed it as a youtube link to be enjoyed by all :)  (i edited yesterday's post to include this as well!)

Remember to smile!

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